Review: Tamora Pierce – The Song of The Lioness 1: Alanna: The First Adventure

Alanna: The First Adventure
Tamora Pierce
Alanna wants to become a knight, but she’s a woman. With the help of her twin, Thom, she’s about to embark on the biggest deception of her life. The penalty of failure is most likely death, but she wants to protect those she loves.

I have read this novel so many times I have lost count. So when I tried to pull it apart in the same way I have all my other review books, I couldn’t! I’m sure there are some inconsistencies somewhere, but I just love Alan so much that I can ignore it.

It’s fascinating to try and work out where the turning points in the book are. For me, it’s a real challenge. I just love this novel! It’s good honest fantasy with an endearing main character and a woman who knows what she wants, and most of the time isn’t afraid to go get it!
What makes me come back to keep reading this novel? Well, it’s that the city is realised nicely, and there is enough historical interest to keep me reading (but not too much). It links in really well with the other books in the series as well. Pierce has mastery of knowing when to stop a novel – a bit of a cliffhanger, but not too much and you feel satisfied after reading.
I own this novel in an omnibus, and I waited for many years to see if the other books by Pierce set in this world would be released in the same form. Sadly, they weren’t, and now I have them all in very different covers. Within each series it matches though, so that makes me happy. I find the cover on the left very attractive 🙂
Please note that I have now changed the format of how my posts will appear, and also the titling conventions. If the novel in question is part of a series, I will now put that series name in the title with a number, so that it is easy to locate series in my Reviews by Author page.

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