Review: Tamora Pierce – The Song of The Lioness 2: In the Hand of the Goddess

In the Hand of the Goddess
Tamora Pierce
Alanna’s secret is out to a select few. Now she must decide between her love for Jon, and her love for George. At the same time, she has to overcome her weaknesses to try and get to her Knighthood.

The storyline of Alanna’s fear of love becomes more prominent, and carries through this novel to the others in the series. There is at least a conclusion to this novel, even if it feels like each thing carries through each time.
There are time jumps in this novel that could have been made more of so that I noticed them. I did think Alanna was very young to be having sex with people, even if it’s only really mentioned in passing. It feels like Jon is exploiting her – he might well be.
Roger adds the plot progression to this novel that makes things happen. Although he did start playing a role in the first novel, he’s bigger this time. And of course, he’s the meanie that Alanna must defeat.
I’ve reread this many times, and enjoyed it every time. I’ll probably want to read it again next year! If I have time that is…
The ending is a satisfactory, yet predictable one. I’d recommend the novel for adults and teenagers once again. Excellent for anyone wanting to break into the fantasy market as a teen.

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