Review: Barbara Kingsolver – Animal Dreams

Animal Dreams
Barbara Kingsolver
Codi is from Grace, but has spent years running from her past. With the departure of her sister for war-torn lands, Codi can return to Grace and make a new life for herself – but only after she has salvaged her childhood.
77262This is another American Literature book I read, and the essay question with it was with Ceremony. I can understand why these two books were paired together – they are both filled with symbolism and strange narrative forms. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this novel.
Although some of this novel is memories, particularly the sections by Homero, the rest shows a drive towards Codi reclaiming her memories in the present. This process takes place over two years, between three All Souls’ Days. For me, this process was fascinating, and I really didn’t know what I expected Codi to do until near the end of the novel – making it a strangely compelling page-turner.
I think if I go on to do further studies in literature of some kind, I would choose American Literature to work on. My only regret of this degree is that English literature (as in, Britain) is not represented in the major. I also really enjoyed Irish literature. Give me something with a decent history and anything but Australian literature.
Although I couldn’t recommend this for fantasy readers, if you naturally enjoy general fiction I would definitely recommend it. I’m not even sure precisely why I would, but I just would! I enjoyed it. The neuroses of Codi, her memories, and the unforgettable Loyd – it’s just so powerful, losing a mother, a daughter and a sister.
I would even venture to say that if I was required to read some more general fiction for some reason, I’d choose a Kingsolver novel to do it. Yay, Kingsolver! Seriously, go ad borrow it from your local library – you’ll find yourself enjoying it despite any preconceived notions you might have.

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6 thoughts on “Review: Barbara Kingsolver – Animal Dreams

  1. I have never heard of this book, so I very much enjoyed your review. This sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for sharing.<br />~Jess<br />P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me- I am following you back. 🙂

  2. I read her nonfiction a year or two ago and really enjoyed it. I have been meaning to delve into her fiction. While this one looks interesting, I might start with Poisonwood Bible and then this one.

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