Review: Rod Englert – Blood Secrets: Chronicles of a Crime Scene Reconstrutionist

Blood Secrets: Chronicles of a Crime Scene Reconstrutionis
Rod Englert
This novel attempts to explain some background for blood splatter interpretations and the majority of the text is made up by anecdotes. There is also some very interesting background information about the author’s youth, and his career progression.
This book is not in my usual genre, my partner recieved it as a Christmas gift at a family Boxing Day party, and I snaffled it ot read so I wouldn’t have to do any awkward conversation. I was pleasantly surprised and found myself not wanting to put it down – I finished it in a day.
For me, each of the human interest stories which were logically set out were great. It’s like crime short stories for me – yay, no waiting to find out who did it! I’m not patient enough to read a real ‘crime’ novel.
I didn’t really appreciate the images of blood splatter that my partner will probably find the most interesting pages out of the whole book. The case studies were way more interesting – I guess it just reflects that I’m more of a fiction reader than a non-fiction one.
I did have one squeamish moment, but funnily enough it wasn’t about the blood, it was a mention of someone’s toenails being ripped off. Ouch! I feel kinda squeamish right now just thinking about it.
The author of this memoir is passionate about his topic and it shows throughout the text. His cowriter/editor combination pulls things into fascinating detail, and makes the whole lot work. I only wish that I can find something that I am so passionate about when it’s time for me to enter the workforce proper.
I’m totally going to give this book 4 stars. I probably won’t reread it, but I did find myself enjoying a genre that I don’t usually read, and that makes a huge difference. Maybe there is hope for crime after all!

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