Review: Tamora Pierce – Trickster’s Choice

Trickster’s Choice
Tamora Pierce
Aly wants to be a spy like her da. Denied this option, and faced with the prospect of becoming her mother’s project, she decides to take a little sail to visit some friends. Instead, she’s captured by slavers and shipped off to the Balitangs to an unlikely role.
This is an old favourite of mine. Aly is a spunky, cheeky heroine that I enjoy reading every time. Nawat Crow keeps the humour alive, and you can see the potential in the two ladies from the start. You have to like Dove more though, even if she seems extremely mature for a 12 year old.
There’s enough action and blood in this book to keep most teenagers satisfied. You can’t feel too sad at the ending, even with some deaths. There’s several climax points which serve to keep the reader interested too.
This novel comes after The Protector of the Small series in Tortall, but concerns a different land. Additionally, there is a short story which I have previously review that concerns Aly and Nawat as well.
It took me just under 2 and half hours to read this novel. That makes it a light and easy read for when I just want to chill out and not think too much.

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