Review: Sue Perry – Scar Jewelry

Scar Jewelry
Sue Perry

Deirdre and Langston get more than they bargained for when they begin to pry into their mother’s life. Where has she been going every week? Why doesn’t she seem to have any friends? What they discover could change their lives forever.

I wanted something more concrete from the ending. Great, they’d found their family, but what about their mother? What about their father? I wanted a real answer to those questions. Not to mention where she was going on Thursdays!

I felt like there wasn’t quite enough information about their ‘dad’ in terms of letting the reader work things out for themselves. The revelations felt very guided. However, they till suckered me in enough that I finished reading this novel in less than a day.

Dierdre could have been a little more convincing as a character. She seems to be afraid of everything ,yet she manages to turn that around in the end. She does make a very convincing counterpoint to Langston though, and it’s hard to believe that they are twins sometimes.

Sandy sometimes speaks in odd ways that threw me out of the novel. There were a couple of occasions where I felt the editor could have given more attention to the dialogue in particular. It wasn’t neough to put me completely off though, as other parts did feel natural.

I won this book through LibraryThing and it took me a disgustingly long time to get around to reading it. I’m not sure I’m glad I did, but it was an enjoyable enough way to spend my afternoon.

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