Review: Mercedes Lackey – Exile’s Honor

Exile’s Honor
Mercedes Lackey

Alberich has been rescued from almost certain death by the fires of Karse. But did he really want to be rescued? Drowning in a new culture, there is little he can do to save himself.

Alberich is one of my favourite male protagonists in the Valdemar series. He’s always thinking hard, and his honor is the most important thing about him. I could read about him all day, and wish that this was a trilogy.

Nothing about this novel is boring. It’s cut into three sections to make the action move faster, and it really works. The war is as dangerous and action filled as you would desire.

The Herald chronicler, Myste, adds a nice counterpoint to Alberich’s unapologetic masculinity. I only wish there was more on her. It’s funny to imagine her, because the descriptions are all from Alberich’s fit point of view.

I could have sworn that I had read and reviewed this novel already, so I paid less attention to taking notes on what I enjoyed about it as I went along. Oops!

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