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Brandon Sanderson
Vin uses her Luck to get her out of bad situations. Little does she know that she is a powerful Mistborn, with the ability to use Allomancy on many different metals. She finds herself thrown in with a huge theiving crew, with the aim of ruining the Lord Ruler.
The introduction to this story is a bit slow, and I found myself wondering when things would warm up. I liked Vin, but it wasn’t quite enough. I persevered though, and ended up very pleased with the way the novel headed.
Vin transforms from a scared street brat into a lady with brilliance. That’s not to say she’s absolutely fantastic at pretending to be a lady at first, but that makes her character progression that much more believable.
Kelsier’s perspective, and that of the other crew members are refreshing when contrasted with Vin’s rather fatalistic and paranoid viewpoint. You don’t really gain that many insights into her character this way, but the rest of the narrative is good.
At the end, I simply couldn’t believe that he died! My mind kept wanting to suggest that there was some way he still lived. The trick with the Kandra was pretty inspired though. This part definitely set the tone for the other two novels as well.
A brilliant story that I couldn’t put down. Really highly recommended by me. I borrowed this from my older brother, who recommended it to me, and I can’t wait to be able to buy books and put it on my own shelves.

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