Review: Brandon Sanderson – the Well of Ascension

the Well of Ascension
Brandon Sanderson
Vin has toppled the Lord Ruler. What is left is a country increasingly in peril. Although Vin strives to become more than a tool, ultimately she is in service to a greater cause.
Vin has finally become more than just a pretty girl in Kelsier’s shadow. Her role in the fading empire isn’t clear, but she tries to do the best she can. She has to be the most convincing self-sacrificing heroine I have seen in a while. This is offset by her violence, which sometimes seems unjustified and dangerous.
The romance between Vin and Elend is refreshing. The trust between them is something that we should all strive for. Theirs is a relationship fraught with danger, and so is more wonderful for that.
Elend is a bit weak for me. That’s not to say his character building is weak, it’s just that him as a person is weak. His character progression is clear, and ultimately he rivals Vin for power and self assurance.
This novel has the big battles that you would expect in an epic fantasy like this one. When the odds seem poor, there has to be a way. It’s not necessarily the politics that will save them, perhaps it will tangle them up even more?
The kandra are an inspired creature creation by Sanderson. One part bones, one part muscle, and the other part composed of The Contract. Although they play an important role in this novel, it comes to a head in the third book.
Just as good as the first book in the series, and a pleasurable and surprising read.

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