Review: Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins
Katniss has been selected as a tribute for The Hunger Games, run by the Capitol to keep their Districts in check. Thrust into the arena with no friends that she knows of, she realises that she must kill to survive – even if it means overcoming old alliances.
Katniss appeals to me in this novel. Her personality is consistent and attractive, even if I don’t agree with all of her actions. You feel her anxiety at the choosing, and her excitement over the food on the train. All excellent character building.
I don’t quite agree with the amount of paranoia Katniss engages in. She thinks everything is a trap. The scene with Rue is particularly out of place – why should she trust her? Poor Rue.
Something I would have enjoyed was a bit more perspective from Peeta. He’s the weaker character of the two – now that they are both older, it seems like Katniss is the only one doing any work. He’s good at moping! I guess in his own way he does try to protect her, but he doesn’t do it in a particularly bright way every time.
The Arena is well imagined, although not as awesome as the Arena in the second novel. What I wouldn’t give to be a Gamemaker or a genetic engineer working for the Capitol.
After having put off reading these for a long time, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality overall. I was a bit urked at the beginning that there was so much annoying description, but it improved as the book proceeded.

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