Review: Mercedes Lackey – Exile’s Valor

Exile’s Valor
Mercedes Lackey
Alberiech must protect his Queen without her knowing it. With intrigues abounding, is these anyone he can actually trust?
It’s nice to see him falling for someone! If you didn’t see it happening in the first section of this set of two novels, you’ll see it here. It adds a human element to an otherwise manly man.
The glass window and mirrors are a nice touch. I liked hearing about them being made. To me, some of the highlight of a fiction book is that you can learn things without realizing it. I only wish more authors made an effort to teach things in an interesting manner.
The game of Hurlee is also present in other novels in a slightly different form. It appears that finding a way to simulate warfare is pretty important to Weaponsmasters. Not surprising really. I find the game interesting at least, and only wish there were more byplays. It reminds me a bit of Polo in a way.
These set up nicely for the novel ‘Take a Thief’. Alberiech is often wishing he had a thief, and he’ll eventually get one. It’s amazing the amount of work he does. I only wish he had more apprentices.
A thoroughly enjoyable novel, especially after the disappointment I have had lately with other novels in this series.

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