Review: Larry Rodness – Perverse

Larry Rodness
Emylene is a second generation Goth princess. Little does she know that she is soon going to be trapped in a picture frame for 2 years while her new best friend takes over her position and turns the world to bad.
I spent the first chapter wondering when the perspective and tone of the novel was going to turn into present tense. In the second chapter I figured that this was a very long prologue. By the third chapter, I’d basically given up, and resigned myself to the awkward storytelling.
I can’t say why I kept reading this novel – it annoyed me a fair bit in the way things were told to me, rather than shown, and also Emylene seemed just plain stupid. Seriously girl, get a hold of yourself! She was so prissy and rude I wouldn’t have minded if she died.
If this wasn’t an ebook, I would have been drawn in by the beautiful cover art anyway. It’s a simple design it’s true, but also all the more attractive for it. The transformations of Emylene seem hollow when compared to her original self. She should have stayed true to herself from the beginning!
Another element that disturbed me was the frequent references to sex and death, particularly in conjuntion. I believe this is a book aimed at teenagers – and I would find it inappropriate for my own teenager to read such things.
It wasn’t clear to me at the end how they survived the fire. See, I’m being nice and vague so you don’t know who I mean! But anyway, it’s a bit confusing as to why all of the specific type of creature would die, if the other progenitor was still living.
I wouldn’t recommend this novel, unless you’re a complete sucker for everything vampire. I was drawn in because of the Goth concept, but the blurb didn’t deliver in a satisfying way for me.
I received this book free in ebook form for review purposes. I was in no way compensated for this review.

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