Review: Tanya Huff – The Wild Ways

The Wild Ways
Tanya Huff
Charlie finds herself hot property when seal skins start going missing – at the behest of an unknown aggressor who wants to poison the seas with oil. Charlie was happy just doing her own little thing, but as a Wild Power she needs to get on the action – or get into trouble with the Gale aunties.
For this novel,the sex is more understated, although sexual attraction is certainly present in spades. It’s not explicit though. Sex magic powers the whole Gale hierarchy – and leads to some deaths, so if you think that might bother you, don’t read it.
There are lots of intercrossed storylines, which makes you want to smack Charlie up the side of the head when she’s being particularly dense. Duh! Why wouldn’t you see that coming??
The timetravel seems completely logical, although it wasn’t exactly clear to me how it was possible. Some of the other things though, such as the Selkies, stuck strictly to traditional guidelines and were simple to follow.
I’m a bit disappointed in the substance of this novel, but I loved the character of Charlie, and felt she was a kindred spirit. I completely agreed with the way she treated some things as well, so that was great and provided me with another point of reference for her. The other characters could have had a bit more depth though.
This novel comes after the events in The Enchantment Emporium and involves many of the same characters. It was nice to see the return of Jack. I’m hoping for another novel in this world, more concerned with him.
Sadly, the explanation for some of the things I seemed to miss in the first book, were still not present in this novel. I found that super frustrating, but enjoyed the novel regardless.

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