Review: Leisel K. Hill – Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Entanglement
Leisel K. Hill
The action grabs you right from the beginning and refuses to let you go. There’s no time to sightsee, everything is all systems go. Maggie has been taken back to her own time, but she’s destined to travel a lot more – and take her brother with her. With dangers around, will Maggie and Marcus ever be reunited? Will the Collectives win?
The character development that was really apparent in the first novel is lost a little in this one. Most of the characters have already been established, and this novel really builds on them through their actions. The exception to this is for Marcus – some of his memories are brought to the fore, and we experience more with him as a result.
The neurochemical ability to Travel is confusing, as all time-travelling abilities are. My brain got a bit warped just trying to believe it all! I have no idea how Karl keeps it together. Equally, the shots into the future and how Hill deals with them speaks strongly for how she has planned out the other novels in this series.
Most of the action in this novel takes place outside of the Interchron. We have a chance to see the world outside – but not much of it is described. Mainly the focus is on the characters, and the action taking place. However, I particularly enjoyed the jumps through the ages that gave glimpses into the disintegration of human-kind into the Collectives. Things like that give me a grounding that Hill has fully realised the world of her novels.
This novel is satisfying, and yet leaves you wanting more. I don’t know how I am going to survive until the next one is released. It didn’t leave me on a cliffhanger in the way that many second books in series do, and I thank Hill for that. A well rounded novel.
As an example of dytopian sci-fi, it’s thrilling. I can’t say I love the genre as a whole, but this is such a fine example, that even if you think you won’t love it, go get yourself a copy anyway – it’s amazing. If you’re still a bit hesitant, go enter the giveaway on Goodreads (click here). It’s not going to cost you anything, and you might get the chance to read this brilliant book for free.
I can’t believe how much I want to rave about this novel. I read it while I was at work, and thrilled through it the whole time. I just couldn’t click away from the screen.
I read the first one as a review copy in paperback, and it was beautiful. It’s a mark of how much I loved Quantum Entanglement in that I will be purchasing a paperback copy of it as soon as I have the spare money (or perhaps as a birthday gift to myself!).

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