Review: Michael Hurley – The Prodigal

The Prodigal
Michael Hurley
I didn’t really connect the blurb on the back with the novel inside. I kept looking for romance, but didn’t get it. I didn’t really want romance, but I was promised it! I guess it’s present a little between Aidan and his next chosen girlfriend, but it’s not clear (or sexy) like I expected it to be. I didn’t get anything about a Gypsy either – it just wasn’t the big part it was suggested to be.
I received this novel for reviewing, and that’s the only thing that kept me reading for the first half of the book. I couldn’t have cared less about his lawyer drama – if he’s going to have an affair, he better let it pass by his Jury decision making process! Later we find out it’s going to be stuffed around anyway, but it seems like a waste of a bunch of pages. Additionally, the language seemed very pretentious in the first couple of chapters, but this did improve.
The second half of the book becomes much more satisfactory, and I actually felt more compelled to read it, with the race and everything. Yay, the race! Best part of the whole novel, if heartbreaking šŸ™
I did like the characterisation in this novel. I felt like I was standing there looking at Marcus and Aidan. Their flaws are believable, and I loved Marcus despite of it. If only all priests were like him, I might have more patience for the whole profession.
I didn’t understand the inclusion of some of the characters. Bobbie just seems like an irritating person designed to offset Molly in the most offensive manner possible. I don’t think she was necessary at all! I felt personally offended by her behaviour, and I wouldn’t consider myself a prude.
The ship/boat, whatever she was, didn’t get a clean-cut conclusion about the contents of her hull. I’m glad she was so lovingly maintain and ended up with someone who would care for her.
This novel should come with a warning for a graphic depiction of almost rape, and references to rape culture. If that upsets you, I’d advise not reading those sections – the bar, and part of the section after the boat’s launch.

I think if you like this sort of thing, about lawyers and perhaps mid-life crises, then this could be a bpok for you. I can’t argue with its well-written characterisation being amazing, but I didn’t love the actual storyline.

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