Review: Traci Harding – Gene of Isis

Gene of Isis
Traci Harding
Mia is specialised in what she does – but sadly, not many people want her for the job she’s good at. That is to say, there isn’t much call for PhD graduates in ancient languages and mythology. This is a theme that runs through Harding’s books to great advantage, and really fits in with my own viewpoint on life and religion.

The beginning was super slow and I almost gave up listening. I persevered however and things improved from there. My partner also listened with me in the car, and he couldn’t understand why I kept listening! I certainly didn’t do so for a certain Trudi Caravan novel I started, but this one still gave me hope.

I didn’t realise until the middle of the novel how the author was cleverly going to introduce the other two female characters to us. I was worried that I would lose Ashley’s point of view, and I was so enjoying it! The lessons.
This novel is the first in a trilogy and so I found myself dreading the end, particularly as the library didn’t have the next two books in. When I got to the end, I thought maybe for this one I would consider splashing out to buy the next books.
I wondered about the passing of time while Mia was reading. Sometime I felt like it was progressing too slowly. I also would have appreciated some more interjections by her about what she was reading.
God! The ending was almost too hard for me to bear! I so wanted to skip forward, but I knew I’d miss something. Well worth waiting for. There were still parts of this that didn’t make sense to me, but now I have forgotten the majority of them. I’m just basking in the fact that it was a great book to listen to. I wanted to keep sitting in my car to listen to it after I finished driving.
I’m glad I listened to this as a talking book. The reader is fabulous! She’s got the accents down and I could easily tell the difference between the characters. A rare gift, and I think I might look out for other novels read by her. {edited to add – I have since begun listening to another book by Traci Harding read by this reader, and it’s just as good as I’d hoped}.
I often dreamed of reading novels myself as a bit of income, but the beautiful reading of this one makes me think I’m not nearly good enough. Perhaps a youtube reading?
I’m a bit slow on reviewing at the moment, sorry. Mainly I am getting time for talking books as I commute 2 hours each day to work. I should be caught up and posting properly again soon.

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