Review: James Phelan – The Last Thirteen #3

The Last Thirteen #3
James Phelan
Sam is still racing to find the others in the Last Thirteen. Little does he know that he’s already met some of them, and that some of them might already be in the hands of the enemy.
20721529Sam comes face to face with Solaris again in this cliff-hanger. You know it’s going to happen. I feel like none of these novels would be complete without a Solaris encounter.

It’s an interesting concept that they can change the future by being aware of it. I’ve read a lot of books with interesting instances of time-travel/seeing the future, and what this can do to people, and this isn’t particularly a new concept. It’s treated well enough however.

I wonder also whether different people have the same dream, more often than just Sam, and his newly-rediscovered friend. I hope to see more of it in future books.
This novel fills out what they are actually looking for and adds an interesting touch of history. It’s such a good thing they appear to have lots of money, because Sam has a serious case of jetting around the world! You’d think he’s stick in one spot and get on with it.
I want to keep reading these! I’m not quite hooked, but this novel felt like it had more meat in it than the others, and I’d be really happy to see more of it happening.

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