Review: Anna Frost – The Fox’s Mask (review and giveaway)

The Fox’s Mask
Anna Frost
Akakiba is part of the Fox Clan of samurai. He can change into a fox – but he hasn’t told his apprentice yet. With dragons at stake and strange demon possessions going on, it’s important to be honest, and reduce the inevitable shocks. But Akakiba isn’t as contented with himself as he seems.
Nothing was dramatic with the love and affection through the novel. It was ok to love other people, and it was ok that foxes could change their gender. There wasn’t any huge fanfare about Akakiba and Yuki’s relationship, which appeared deeply, but confusingly, loving. I loved how being queer was treated normally – or so I thought. The novel highlighted an issue that’s rampant within the Queer community and is yet to receive widespread acceptance from the general public.
This is historical YA LGBT fiction, and I want to get my hands into more of it as soon as possible. In fact, the next time I have a book buying spree, I think I may need to purchase the second and third books in the trilogy. Or I might get lucky and the author will send me a review copy. Either way, I want them!
I had a couple of reservations at the beginning of the novel, as some of the text and dialogue didn’t sit right with me. I went into this novel dreading the end, because I didn’t know it was a trilogy and I couldn’t see how the action could possibly resolve. The action really was quite slow. There was quite a lot of traveling, which was fine with me, as I wanted to hear more about the countryside.
The thought of magic dying out was scary. It’s a new dread to have in a novel to me,  as most fantasy novels take magic for granted. More could have been done with it, but this novel was mainly about exposing Akakiba.
The Japanese words scattered throughout the text didn’t bother me, as I studied Japanese at school and remembered their meanings. They added a bit of interest to the text for the average reader I felt – more than just saying it’s set in Japan, the culture and language hold true as well.
I was requested by the author to read this novel, and participate in the tour. I haven’t toured a novel for a while, since my reading scedule doesn’t always allow me to finish novels in time. This one however was entracing enough that I devoured it in one gulp.
I’m lucky enough to have a giveaway associated with this novel (but don’t think that’s why I gave it a glowig review, I loved it!)

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