Review: Andrew Hessel – Paw Prints in My Heart

Paw Prints in My Heart
Andrew Hessel

Andrew has always lived with dogs. There is a special place in his heart, and other novels, for his dog Mac. When Mac died, Andrew felt the need to pen this novel, and it’s a feel-good one that animal lovers will understand.

The simple cover speaks volumes for simple, unadorned truth inside. A story of man, and his best friend. Mac is at home in Andrew’s heart, as well as the rest of the family.

I enjoyed the medical detail about what went wrong with Mac as a puppy, and the treatments to be offered. To me, Australian veterinary medicine is not nearly so advanced. If these options were offered, I’m not certain I could take them up. But Mac has a wonderful outcome, and a wonderful life.

Mac’s passing is difficult for the reader. Or at least, it had me feeling quite emotional. I’d connected to him, and his owner, and although you knew the end had to be near, you didn’t want to admit it.

I’m not certain I would purchase this as a paperback. The author did send me a copy, with some printing difficulties! Didn’t bother me though, I was more excited about the story inside. I’d recommend an ebook for this one.

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