Review: Jessica Shirvington – Disruption

Jessica Shirvington
Maggie is hunting for her father. She’s been hunting for him since two years ago, when he suddenly became a ‘neg’ and disappeared from their family. As she delves deeper, and involves more people, she realizes that maybe the goal she has been chasing isn’t worth it.Maggie’s a flawed, and therefore fascinating, character. From someone you think must have no feelings (and she professes that she doesn’t feel anything), to someone who begins to grasp the meaning of friendship and not exploiting people.

I wished I could have had some perspective from Gus and Quinnie. Their roles are very important. That being said, they aren’t one-dimensional characters, despite Gus hardly ever even appearing, except on the phone. Then again, this would give away some of the ending!

The pheromone technology that allows the detection of ‘true matches’, people who are perfectly suited to each other, is something that could happen in our own society. The Apple watch is just the beginning of tracking what people are doing the whole time. That makes this a book as close to a believable dystopia as I have come across.

I downloaded this as a talking book, and got through it in around 2 days. The reader was great, and I never had problems telling the different characters apart. I didn’t want to stop listening, and I kept wondering to myself when I could listen to it again.

Towards the end of the novel, I started worrying about the ending. And right I was to worry – this is a duology. The next novel is due out some time before the end of 2014, so I have hope to see it then. I doubt however that it will be available in a talking book immediately.

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