Review: Leisa Rayven – Bad Romeo

Bad Romeo
Leisa Rayven
Cassie Taylor and Ethan Holt met in acting school. Hit by blinding chemistry from the moment go, their romance is set to spark up!
I think I rooted for Ethan more than I did for Cassie. Cassie seemed like a total idiot. Ok, so I understand chemistry ok, but being a doormat? Just letting him up and away when he felt like it? And then at the end, letting him in?
The perspective flicks back and forth from the present to the past, which gives you a bit more insight into the characters. For me, I would have been happier with either the colledge part or the real life part in two chunks. It didn’t seem like every memory was relevant at the specific moment it was presented.
I think this is sort of piggybacking off the fame of Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey still. Dark menacing, mysterious guy ready to get a mess happening in the romantic, beautiful naive girl. Nothing new to see here folks, just move right along.
There were some sex scenes in this, and while some of them were laugh out loud stupid, others were more smokin’. For this, I’ll put it in the adult category, although the rest of the drama could happen anywhere. Oh! With that in mind, Cassie writes the weirdest diary entries. Going on and on about Ethan’s ‘manhood’, the orgasms she has with him? Come on man! Give me some proper action!
Finally, I felt so frustrated at the ending. I didn’t learn anything new, all I did was put up with the characters’ angst, which got old a long time back in reading it. At the end of the novel, there is an advertisement for ‘Broken Juliet’, which even the completionist in me doesn’t want to read.
Apparently this novel is fan fiction. I’m not sure what of? Of Shakespeare’s original works? It’s pretty hard not to plagiarise a romance like that in any novel! I received this novel as a surprise from a publisher in the mail! I sat down to read it almost immediately, but didn’t review it, as I was still recovering from the shock of disappointment. Unless you’re really really desperate to read something in this area, I’d tell you to keep looking until you find something more satisfying.

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