Review: Shauna Reid – The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl

The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl
Shauna Reid
Diet girl is too fat for the scales. No, really, so fat that even if she loses weight, she can’t see it on the bathroom scales at home. Instead she joins Weight Watchers, watches what she eats, begins to try exercise more, and get herself out into the wide world.
I read the blog on which this novel was based years ago, in 2012/13. I loved the blog, and I believe I may have reread it once or twice. When I saw that Shauna had a couple of copies to send away, that ignited my curiosity to read the actual novel. I found myself let-down by the novel. Yes, it was formatted more nicely, yes, it followed a neat, linear plot line, but no, it didn’t have the same immediacy and drive of the blog.
On to the story. Simply, this is a self-discovery novel about what you can gain from losing weight, but also understanding what triggers you have. For Shauna, it is depression that can derail her weightloss, and it’s not even her fault.
The funny anecdotes, such as those involving the Mothership and the early courting with Gareth, were the highlights as always. Everything I say is going to be comparing it to the blog, so there isn’t much I can actually say about this novel as a stand-alone.
Is this just another success story, which pretends to give sage advice about losing weight in a ploy to get you to buy it? No, it’s a true story that is inspiring all in its own way, while not actually dieting, only being more careful with your lifestyle.
If you love the allure of a paperback novel, and you don’t have the drive to read through the blogging archives, this would suit you to a T. If you don’t want the paperback copy though, I don’t think you need to buy a Kindle version – you might as well read the blog.

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