Review: Angelia Kinston – 1+2= What School Never Taught Me ABOUT MONEY

1+2= What School Never Taught Me ABOUT MONEY
Angelia Kinston

I really enjoyed the tone of this book. It took me very little time to read this non-fiction, and I think other people would find it just as accessible. It’s certainly not appropriate for well-established adults, but is going to be of great benefit to teenagers and college students.

27302447I’m not quite sure what I expected out of this book. I guess I was hoping for some general money rules that could apply globally. There are some here, but don’t be mistaken – this is a very American based set of suggestions.

The question here shoudl be – did I learn anything from this book? Nope, not really. Do I think other people could benefit? For sure. Not everyone has had parents like mine that drilled into me about responsible money handling, and so other people can get a lot more out of this.

And remember – don’t try keep up with the Jones! Tread your own path.


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