Review: Attitude is Everything (colouring book)

Attitude is Everything
Samantha Snyder

This is another adult colouring book, and personally I think it would be well suited for teenagers. It’s filled with encouraging sayings and lovely doodling artwork.

25860542The pages are nice and thick, so you might be able to get away with texta on it. Personally I’m a pencil person, so I didn’t test this. I wasn’t going to waste a page with a medium I don’t like!

For someone who is drawing-challenged like me, this has enough detail that I can feel like I can really make something pretty, without trying too hard! The majority of backgrounds to the words are really detailed and can be lovely – pick bright colours or muted for making different effects.

Again, no star ratings from me. If you need to get a teenager a present and have no idea what to get them, this is going to be a good choice.

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