Review: Brandon Sanderson – Skin Deep

Skin Deep
Brandon Sanderson

Stephen Leeds has multiple personalities, and has trouble keeping them all straight. While other people can’t see them, they are as real to Stephen as the girls he gets set up with. With another mystery to solve, Stephen is going to need them to help him sort the case out, but they’re starting to get out of hand.

20886354Another Brandon Sanderson novella, another disappointment. But it’s not the story I’m disappointed with, it’s the length! I can never get enough of Sanderson’s work. I do so wish he would make these into novels, but I guess with everything else that he has been doing (finishing that stupid series… Wheel of Time I think it is?) he doesn’t have time. I can continue to hope.

As usual, I’m not really sure what to say about a short story. The characters (although they are sort of imaginary) really do come together as whole entities in their own right. The scenery? Eh, it’s not the focus. The storyline? Engaging, surprising and twisting, just as I would want it!

There are veiled references to some of the things that happened in the first novella, but you don’t have to necessarily read that one first. I am tempted to go back and read that one again to get my fix of Brandon Sanderson. My copy of Steelheart is on loan right now, or else I’d be reading it!

5 stars from me. And thanks to my partner for buying it for me! I love surprises.


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