Review: Snowflake Seashell Star (colouring book)

Snowflake Seashell Star
Colouring Adventures in Numberland
Alex Bellos with Edmund Harriss

You’d think it might get a bit samey with so many adult colouring books out there (I’ve reviewed some herehere and here), but this one offers something different again for me.

27075080You get some freedom here, and I think this book is designed for bright colours. Not all of the images are right there for you to colour – you might need to draw lines, or decide on a numbered colour scheme. Others are the traditional different coloured animals fitted into each other which you shade from one side to the other.

If I was to take a guess, if you have a somewhat arty mathematician in your family, this could be a good gift. I’m thinking scientific people of any kind here (just to generalise this 😉 ). Or keep it for yourself. It’s so pretty!

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