Review: Catherine Jinks – Theophilus Grey and the Traitor’s Mask

Theophilus Grey and the Traitor’s Mask
Catherine Jinks

Theo has survived and thrived as a servant of the Crown of England. Yet all that responsibility for his crew and his other commitments are overcrowding his head. When he can’t think clearly, that’s when things begin to fall,well, not apart, but it all becomes messy.

9781760113612As always, it can be dangerous reading a sequel of a novel you loved. This one lived up to expectations though, and had me hanging on the edge of my seat for almost as long as the first! I guiltily picked it up the moment it arrived at my doorstep…

I recognised some of the streets in this one – Drury Lane! From the nursery rhyme, not because of any knowledge of London geography. Despite not really knowing where each thing was, I managed to get an image of where Theo and his crew ran. That’s something that’s really important in this novel, and just in case you struggle there is a handy map inside the front cover.

Theo is quite confused for the majority of this novel, and the audience is a little bit too. But it’s on purpose! I can’t talk about the plot too much or I’ll give away the lovely twists. Some of Theo’s friends are sometimes just too bright for their own good!

I’m going to go so far as to give it 5 stars for the right audience. I think this on has re-readability to teenagers in order to pick up the plots and hints that you might have missed on the first round of reading. For me, it’s a 4 stars, couldn’t put it down and really enjoyed it. I am sad that it is only a duology.


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