Review: Joaquin Lowe – Bullet Catcher

Bullet Catcher
Joaquin Lowe

Against a desert backdrop, Imma longs to be a Bullet Catcher – a seemingly mythological person who can bend bullets back away from themselves. Bullet Catchers are always the good guys, while Gunslingers are the bad guys. Once Imma has a chance at glory, she will need to make a decision about where her alliances lie.

27799031Where can I start talking about this novel? It arrived, I spotted it, and next thing it was 2 hours later and I still couldn’t put it down. …yes I have problems with being attracted to new books. The pages grabbed me right from the beginning, pulled me in, and kept me reading because things could change at any moment. And of course, I love reading about the training of new and innovative skills.

What I’m commonly seeing in fiction at the moment is a turn towards plot twists. Some are really obvious, while others are really sneaky. This one is not particularly sneaky, but it is heartfelt. Not to mention it keeps changing even as you are yelling at Imma inside your head not to be such an idiot!

Not even a sniff of romance. Apart from family ties, and master-apprentice matches, not a bit of teenage love. And honestly, Imma has enough to worry about without that. There’s plenty of character development for her, and a persuasive plot to not need it. In that way, it sort of reminds me of The Way We Roll, in which exploring different kinds of friendship and ties is the main agenda.

I couldn’t put this down. Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age (*cough* mid-20s *cough*), but I really think I could read it again. I connected with the main character really well, and I could feel all of the emotions. Not to mention the attainable ‘magic’ skills.


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