Review: J.M. Douglas – The Bound

The Bound
J.M. Douglas

The Bound are important for the balance between rulers. The Bound without Masters are dangerous. It’s so important to have a Bound that people will kill for the right, without thought or purpose. When an important artifact is broken, it is unclear who the Bound are, and what impact they will have on the inequality in the country.

29009728I didn’t like the cover, and the synopsis didn’t set me on fire. But I was promised some queer characters, and then I read the first page or so and I was hooked. I got attached to characters too quickly, and then they died! Talk about a masterwork by the author on hooking me in realistically with her character building then just easily killing off my heart.

Finian seems to have a background that we really aren’t aware of, and don’t get to know. He’s so tortured, and yet we don’t know why. Why is he this way? I think I was left with more questions than answers.

This novel explores how upbringing can overcome past history, but also that fairness and bravery play a large role in the development of young people. Yedda and Corliss basically swap spots. From being the trouble-maker and the follower, both become strong young women in their own rights. Both are expected to be Bound, but in fact it’s more complicated than that. I’d love to see what the future holds for them.

I can’t decide if it will get a sequel or not. It finished so nicely, and yet there’s more to be told in that world. The author has updated me that she’s thinking about writing a sequel, and perhaps a very very early prequel. I’d be on that pretty keenly.


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