Review: Sanjida Kay – Bone by Bone

Bone by Bone
Sanjida Kay

Autumn is being bullied in the aftermath of her parents’ divorce. A new school and new parents – her mother Laura is feeling lost too. When Laura acts thoughtlessly in protecting Autumn, the wellbuilt range of lies in the community will come tumbling down.

28209238The whole time, I was on Laura’s side. I couldn’t believe how shallow some people were. But at the same time, I couldn’t believe how stupid Laura was. As if you would let an unknown person unlimited access to your computer! And use the same password for everything. And not have backups!

I kind of wished that I could have had more insight into Autumn’s mind. As it was, Laura’s mind was so full of thoughts and questions that I felt quite lost. Why oh why does she not stand up for herself? Why do neither of them?

Bone by Bone was a horror. I didn’t know what to expect, and the creepy corners were completely unforseeable. The ending! Oh dear. I don’t know how I felt about that. How can people so horrible exist?

I’ve been reading a bunch of novels at the moment which are filled with incomprehensible violence and awful people. The question is whether or not I’ll be able to keep tolerating and enjoying it, or whether I will become immune to it.

I didn’t know if I wanted to pick it up, the synopsis made it seem more boring and straightforward than it actually was. Then I did, and it was worth it. 4-stars from me.


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