Review: Brandon Sanderson – Calamity

Brandon Sanderson

David has defeated Steelheart and Regalia, but now he has to face down the worst Epic of them all – Prof., who used to lead the Reckoners into battles against the other Epics. With the tiny crew he has left, David must save the USA once again.

15704486I couldn’t put this novel down. I think I start almost every Brandon Sanderson novel in that way. I didn’t realise it was out until an ill-timed comment from my partner just as I was going to sleep. I then had trouble sleeping because I wanted it right then and there. I begged to have it the next day, but I ended up getting it the day after and polishing it off in a single sitting.

David has kept the same terrible metaphors as before. His romance with Firefight ie. Megan has blossomed. Their sort of love is one born in flames (haha, you’ll get it when you read the novel). In fact, I recognise their relationship style as one I’m familiar with – they dig at each other, irritate each other, but at the end of the day they can’t be apart.

The action in this novel starts from day dot, and just keeps moving. David and his team risk being killed if they don’t keep on their toes.

The final twist! Or at least, the bigger twist. There are always more to come. Ugh! It frustrates me that I can’t just tell you all the fabulous things about this novel that I want to – but then you’d know everything. Spoilers are not a reviewer’s best friend.

Sanderson, you’ve done it again. Another thrilling, fantastic, original novel that will have readers of all ages on the edge of their seats. Some romance, but no sex, I’m pretty sure teenagers and up would love it. I’m only sad that I never ran into Sanderson earlier in my reading career.

I have two more Sanderson novels, which the partner has been nagging me about reading. The only reason I haven’t is because I’m waiting to have time to reread the others in the series. Sanderson, I love you, but you would eat all my time if I let you.


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