Review: Ken Kroes – 2232 (Percipience #3)

2232, Percipience Series
Ken Kroes

Time has progressed another 10 years since the town of Percipience was discovered by two other cities. While things are going relatively smoothly, some people harbor grudges for so long that they will damage everything.

27836641Why do people lie? Seriously guys. Ugh. It seems like everyone is crossing everyone, except Percipience who I loved (having loved the set-up of it in the first place).

I really hope that genetic modification could become reality. People would argue about taking away free will and all that, but truly it wouldn’t be so sad. You would still have your mind, you’d just be more grateful for what you already had.

There were anagrams. For a while, I thought they were like Hannah, a word that works the same way back and forwards. But in fact they’re where you scramble up the letters to create new words. I managed to work out two using an online solver, but the other ones I just couldn’t work it out. Frustrating!

I really want to go back and reread the ending of this. There’s nothing I can say without giving it away, but mind-blown. Really blown. I really hope another novel comes along. There are some hints as to how it could proceed. The whole time I was reading this one I was terrified that it would be a true ‘series’ rather than what read to me as an entire satisfying trilogy.


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