Review: Terri Terry – Book of Lies

Book of Lies
Terri Terry

Quinn and Piper are sisters separated at birth. After the death of their mother, they run into each other for the first time – and all is perhaps not how it seems. Quinn knows she is destined for evil, while Piper ‘just’ wants to know everything.

25370363From the very beginning you already know there is something wrong about the way the twins have been treated. The more you read, the more you work out what is going on – even if it is exactly what the burb described and you aren’t ever really confused.

Sorry, but the curses spanning generations are really not the huge thing it’s made out to be on the blurb. Neither is the whole ‘Book of Lies’ that it is named after. There’s nothing new about this premise, and the setting leaves a lot to be desired too. Ooh, spooky moors. Wow. Original. Sorry. I’m obviously in a narky mood. I want to read something amazingly good!

I don’t understand what the final sister was doing at the end of the novel. Why would you do that? How does that make any sense at all? What’s wrong with knowing things?

This novel passed the time. The first 1/3 of the novel was just setting the scene with the two sisters trading places (3 stars), then the next 1/4 heats up a bit (4 stars), then it all turns out how you expect (3 stars) and then bleh, the ending was crap (2-3 stars). So no, I wouldn’t jump out and buy it, even if the cover looks beautiful. I’ll give it a begrudging 3 stars, but it is far better than Signs Point to Yes.


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