Review: Eoin Colfer – The Supernaturalists

The Supernaturalists
Eoin Colfer

After a near-death experience, Cosmo Hill finds himself targeting blue Parasites that appear to be sucking the life out of hurt people. As the novel progresses, things become clearer at almost the same rate that they grow darker.

45432I read this novel a while ago now. I thought I had read it a long time ago (pre-blog) and so when it took my eye again while I was rearranging my shelves, I thought I’d better give it a review. Turns out I’d never read it, or I hadn’t read it closely enough.

As other reviewers have commented, this seems quite rushed. This is an older novel by Colfer, so I expected better (to me, the last Artemis Fowl book was sub-par too). I was sooo unsatisfied with the ending.

The idea behind the story was interesting, and also how the characters are manipulated by each other. However, I never felt much of a connection with any of the characters. It meant that when they were hurt or died I didn’t care. Interesting storyline, poor execution.

For that reason, I’ll be giving this novel a paltry 3 stars. Disappointing. I have two copies, and I’ll be releasing one into the wild. Maybe I’m no longer the right audience for this book, I’m simply too old?


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