Review: Tara Bond – Beautiful Liar

Beautiful Liar
Tara Bond

Nina has been supporting her family for forever. After her mother finally checks into rehab, Nina needs a well paying job to get her life to continue. A pricy club fulfills that need, but she’s likely to run into a few bad-boy heartthrobs that could cause her life to go offtrack.


This is another drunk mother scenario. This time though, it’s a very expensive rehab that is going to be saving the mother. I keep searching through my archives of reviews in the hope I can find the novel where the daughter just helps the mother on her own, but I don’t remember what it was called… I’m not at all calling Nina out to do that rather extreme method though.

Nina is a cute little character with some spunk, but with an inability to keep her own head straight. Don’t be confused here, she’s not a complete loser. Romance, my love, romance. It’ll kill all the young people if they keep going like this.

In fact, the front cover of this novel has RED lips, not pink ones as you see on the left. If you read the text, you’ll work that out as well – they should be red or maybe even black.

This is something I normally wouldn’t mention. But, since they are having sex, I wanted to know about them using protection. If you’re going to have sex with a man who has had a multitude of other drunk partners,you better use a condom or be on the pill. Nina doesn’t mention either of these things, and for a while I thought that she might end up pregnant too.

I wanted to not enjoy this novel. I couldn’t believe that yet another bad boy romance could get me in and reading. But I did finish it off. There was just no suspense as far as I was concerned, and that killed some of it for me. I’m giving it 3 stars. I’d recommend This Raging Light, for younger readers looking for an almost identical sort of storyline.


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