Review: Sarah Mlynowski – Think Twice

Think Twice
Sarah Mlynowski

After a homeroom goes for flu shots, they develop a group mind, capable of reading people’s minds in just a glance at their unprotected eyes. When the first one of them loses their talent, there is a panic to maintain those that are left. Some people are happy to be free, while others dread it.

28241823This novel’s perspective can be a little off-putting before you get used to it. It’s written as ‘we’, which progressively gets to be a smaller ‘we’ as the book goes on and more of them lose their powers.

I didn’t read the first book in the series, but I think I would have really enjoyed it. ESP? Yes please! This one is as humorous as I would expect the first one to be. Basically they start trying to keep their abilities, and in doing so develop a whole range of side effects!

This is light teenage fiction, and I’d probably recommend it for girls, simply because to me the male characters’ voices seemed to be drowned out by others, particularly Tess and Polly/Pi.

This is another novel I left for too long without reviewing. Luckily I put how many stars I thought it was worth when I originally made this draft, so I must have thought it had some really good points then to give it 4 stars!



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