Review: Claudia Gray – A Thousand Pieces of You

A Thousand Pieces of You
Claudia Grey

Maggie’s father has just died, and the culprit has run off – into an alternative dimension no less. With the help of another student, Maggie forces her own way across dimensions in a hunt for him. Little does Maggie know that things will always be more complicated than they seem.

20969698I liked the realistic imagining of the different time periods. Phew, parallel worlds went completely nutty! There are so many ways for people to die, and then be refound. Maggie in particular gets to ‘enjoy’ this particular feeling, which is pretty crazy!

Now, I read part of this, and then put it down again. I just wasn’t in the mood of it I guess. It’s promised that this will have an ‘epic love affair that feels both dangerous and inevitable’, but I didn’t feel it. It wasn’t epic at all! Yes yes, you might be falling for two guys at the same time, and yes, you might have gotten confused about who is who and who might be real.

You will not expect the ending. You will not expect most of the action. You may feel lost and confused at times. That is ok. Maggie feels the same way, and since you are seeing things from her point of view it’s to be expected.

I didn’t feel anything in particular after having read it, which is a bad sign. It took a while to warm up, and then I felt like I wanted some other perspectives to work with (very strangely for me, I normally hate other perspectives).

If you want a novel with time travel, please look at The Square Root of Summer. That was the last time bender I read, and it had a great storyline that kept me consistently reading.


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