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Georgia Clark

Pretty. It’s a purple liquid that can change the way you look without diets or face lifts. It gives you a whole new body with just one explosive session in the bathroom. The catch? It only lasts for 7 days, and it gives you a body so good that no one ever recognises you so you have to make a new identity for yourself. It’s another chance to do things over.

31119267This is some Women’s Fiction with a bite! This actually clearly attempts to take down societal norms, even if it is in-you-face with obviousness of what is being taken down. There’s a lot of drama, some of which is probably needless, and that fits in with this genre too. Contrary to normal for me though, I actually really enjoyed this novel.

Now that I looked at other reviews, I realised that the three main characters are a little cliched in the roles they have in life and what they have done with them (angry lesbian, tortured artist and reckless actress). For that, I docked a little bit of my love without even realising it. It could have taken someone REALLY ugly in my opinion and fixed that. Also, it could have followed up with Penny more and the biology/origins of Pretty.

I’m giving this 4 stars because I enjoyed reading it so much. Ok, so the characters weren’t unique, and the plot line was a bit transparent, but it made me laugh with the absurdity of some of what happened. It’s not quite a ‘light beach read’ as some might say, but it is light-hearted enough for pure enjoyment.


Simon & Schuster | 1 August 2016 | AU $29.99 | Paperback

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