Review: Jasper Smithey – Lion’s Heart and Lemongrass

Lion’s Heart and Lemongrass
Jasper Smithey

Sealey de Vespi is the brains, his best friend Christopher Wickham is the handsome. They’ve both got power in common – a power that very rarely appears in males and is a source of much contention within their families. After Christopher’s beloved wife dies, he forces Sealey to bring her back – and he doesn’t care how.
20579330Why is there no next book? I need one. Why was this so short? I need it to be longer! I didn’t want to step away from the characters.

Sealey! I could have had more of you. I felt you, I really did. Sorry you aren’t as comfortable in your skin as Christopher. It would happen eventually though. I needed to know more, everything more.

Something that upset me with this novel was the rather jumbled timeline. I sometimes felt whiplash from the speed of things, and confusion when time seemed to jump forward. In fact, the ending was probably the most straightforward, which is completely backwards to me.

The blurb on the back needs a brush over. It didn’t do the plot justice. I went into it dreading a heavy text despite the whimsical front cover, but instead got good banter and humour between two men who just had things in common.

Not enough depth here for 5 stars, but really enjoyable for 4 stars. Fix the blurb, fix the time jumps and get me another in the series ASAP!


I received this directly from the author, who I interviewed here.

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