Review: Kim Hooper – People Who Knew Me

People Who Knew Me
Kim Hooper

Emily Morris married young from college and set out to support her husband’s needs first. After his business fails and his ailing mother moves in with them, Emily needs a break. one so drastic that she pretends she is dead and moves to an entirely different city.

People Who Knew Me - Cover ImageUnfortunately the blurb gave away pretty much everything in the past sections of the novel. I was promised a suspenseful novel, but from the outset I knew what would probably happen. Then, finally, I HATED the ending of this novel.

Emily, I wanted to care for you. I understood what was wrong with you. I was happy with your affair. I was happy with your new life. I can’t see what made you do those final things. Ugh. There’s a good reason you walked away. Bad Emily. Why you so stupid? Why must you annoy me so much?

3 stars from me. I’m going to put this in line with Promise, as another ‘Women’s Fiction’ novel that could have been amazing but just didn’t hit all the right notes.


Pan Macmillan | May 2016 | AU $29.99 | Paperback

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