Review: Vance Huxley – The Forest and the Farm

The Forest and the Farm
Vance Huxley

Billi has one and a half legs, and his hunting Hound has only three. Together they are the least loved and most picked on Hound pair, considered only good for escorting forest hunts for wood. What starts off as a wood gathering ends with Billi beginning his journey towards both acceptance and belonging, but also a life of his own.

30526460I don’t know what drew me to this novel, or what kept me reading. In any other case, I think I would have gotten frustrated with the glacial pacing, with very little action. However this novel had the right protagonist for me to keep reading. How could I not love Billi? Talk about the underdog (pun intended). I really enjoyed the unassuming and thoughtful dialogue inside Billi’s brain.

Something that annoyed me was the way kissing was referred to as ‘bussing’. There seemed to be no particular reason this was included that I could see, and I felt myself being irritated by the author every time I read ‘bussing’. It made me think of a bee, buzzing.

Arg! The ending! I didn’t get to find out why those final things were happening! Will there be more? Only time will tell. And if I never post this review and it continues to languish in my Draft Folder, the author will never know! So here’s my belated review.

I’m giving this 4 stars, and hoping for more from this author.


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