Review: Charlotte Reagan – Just Juliet

Just Juliet
Charlotte Reagan

Lena’s dating a footballer and her best friend is a cheerleader – all she needs to do is keep on top of her work and make it through high school. What she doesn’t know about herself is that there’s going to be someone new in her life – Juliet, a damaged gorgeous lesbian.

30373401This is a more gritty version of Keeping You a Secret. These characters have serious home problems and health problems. You aren’t going to love all of them, and some of them are going to drive you up the wall. For me, some of the characters came off as cliched, and the character building wasn’t enough to flesh them out. This was a limitation of only having Lena’s admittedly biased perspective.

Lena spent a lot of time frustrating me inside her own head. Seriously girl, pull it together! You are how old? But at the same time it’s super cute and I know some readers are going to really identify with her. From the simple thoughts she has about kissing Juliet to more complicated ones about the nature of friendship, the reader is going to travel along with her.

It’s now been a while since I read the novel, and neglected writing my review. What I can tell you is that I gave this 3 stars right off of reading, even if I don’t remember precisely why. I’m not going to mock this book for ‘only’ getting three stars, it’s still a good novel with something to add to the coming-of-age lesbian genre. Others you are going to want to check out include Is Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel and Read Me Like a Book.


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