Review: Garth Nix – Goldenhand

Garth Nix

Another Dead threat is coming. Despite the reestablishment of order in the Old Kingdom, the Dead still threaten. As a Northern clanswoman travels urgently to warn the Abhorson of the Witch With No Face, the Dead do anything to prevent her reaching it.

30327443Sabriel has always been an established Abhorson in my eyes, but here we see Lirael grow into what she should be. When she returns to the Glacier where she grew up, it is obvious that there has been some serious character growth coming on. We get to see more of that in this novel too, as well as Sameth (who I hold a personal soft spot for) and Nick.

The ending came very suddenly. I didn’t expect them to survive! Or that it would be such a close thing. The rest of the novel isn’t quite as nail-biting, but you will still not want to put it down.

What I never understood at the end of Abhorson was why Lirael didn’t just remake the charter sending of The Disreputable Dog? She still has the figurine, and I’m certain she still knows how to create things with Charter Magic (in fact, she makes use of Charter Skins). Just bringing it up, since in the ending chapters of this novel some interesting things take place 😉

What I was not ok with was the cover of this novel. Instead of Lirael looking the way I imagined, she instead had a meaty face and a dorky cloak (although I recognise the emblem, obviously). From what I spotted on GoodReads, there are other more beautiful covers that perhaps I would have preferred. Anyway, this one was a complimentary copy, so I shouldn’t be complaining too loudly. It is the story that matters inside of course.

5 stars from me. It prompted me to reread a section of Lirael, which can only ever be a good thing. Garth Nix, please keep writing.



Allen & Unwin | 28 September 2016 | AU $24.99 | Paperback

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