Review: Lian Tanner – Fetcher’s Song

Fetcher’s Song
Lian Tanner

Gwin’s mama is dead, and her papa has been captured. With the new children she has met, it might finally be time for the elimination of the Devouts but first a bloodthirsty battle must occur.

27234016I found myself confused by the swaps in perspective between chapters, because I was most interested in Gwin’s story. As I continued reading, I realised why it was done this way, and it eventually all settled into place. If I hazard a guess, this seems to have been a plot driven story, but it was over too quickly even almost for me to form an opinion.

I put off reading this novel because I knew it was the final in a trilogy. I think I have had it at least a year, and thus this review is anything but timely. Today I picked it up anyway, because I want to clear my bookshelves. Low and behold, on GoodReads there are only 3 reviews, so I am at least adding to the space.

I missed out on a lot of this novel because I had no idea on any of the background. I recommend you under no circumstances read this without having read the first two in the series. I struggled to even write a synopsis, not knowing anything about what came before (and what not to give away).

I’ll give this three stars. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing outstanding either.


Allen & Unwin | 4th January 2016 | AU $18.99 | Paperback

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