Review: Lauren Chater – Well Read Cookies

Well Read Cookies
Lauren Chater

‘Beautiful biscuits inspired by great literature’. Blogger and author Lauren Chater has produced a book full of biscuits based on classic novels that have been her favorites across her life. Her mastery of writing and decorating is a true sight to behold!

The photos in this book are enough to make you drool and then go for a hunt in the freezer for a cookie (jam drop or choc chip? Yes please!). The discussion of the literature is also thoughtful and might introduce you to a couple of little known classics that might take your fancy. I only wish I was part of a book club so that I too could bake some amazing cookies in the theme of the book of the month.

I actually hate icing, because it tends to be overdone and too sweet. Icing also is usually on a biscuit that has no flavour of its own. But these cookies look really attractive with their icing and it almost makes me want to eat one. You never knew that so much detail could be put on a cookie!

Just in time for Christmas, this how-to biscuit book would make the perfect present for either someone who likes decorating, or someone who loves literature. I can see it being an excellent KK gift for someone (ok, probably a lady) who you don’t know very well. Who could turn down cookies, or refuse to admit that they hadn’t at least heard of some of the literature within?

Simon & Schuster | 1st November 2018 | AU$24.99 | hardback

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