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Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan & Deborah Biancotti

The Zeroes have gone from Heroes to terrorists. With their Glorious Leader Nate locked up for shooting Swarm, the remaining four are a bit lost in what to do next. Instead of being hunted by Swarm, the police hunt them. But there are larger forces at work here – and greater powers than theirs.

A quick reminder: The premise that babies born in the year 2000 are humanity’s glitch is interesting and gets more of an explanation in this novel. However, not all babies suffer from the glitch, and not all suffer in the same way. I love the way Crash reacts to meeting more Crashes! However, apparently if these guys are the ‘zeroes’ there are also going to be the ‘ones’. Where do they come from? It’s pretty unclear.

This is my least favourite of the trilogy. Everything except the last couple of chapters is action packed and well written, and just as enjoyable as the first two novels. Where this book falls down is its unbelievable ending. Literally unbelievable – if everyone could project their powers it would be a disaster! Not to mention that what happens with Ethan makes no sense either.

Man, Nate is a horrible person! He just can’t help himself from being a Glorious Leader and screwing other people over! I’m so glad he’ll never be a politician (because he ‘shot’ Swarm). What I can’t understand is why the police hold him for it, when the evidence would point to him never having held the gun. Why not just let it fade from everyone’s minds?

I’m giving this novel 4 stars even though I’ve actually reread it. The ending is just such a disappointment that I can’t give it 5 stars. Fans of this novel will love the Reckoners series by Brandon Sanderson or Whisper.

Allen & Unwin | 25th October 2017 | AU$19.99 | paperback

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