Review: Jason Segal & Kirsten Miller – OtherEarth

Jason Segal & Kirsten Miller

You thought things were out there in OtherWorld? Well, they just got stranger. Simon’s made it out of the virtual world, and into the real one. Well, some of the time. OK, most of the time he’s still there. But he has Kat! And that means he can save the world. But which world?

I somehow didn’t have as much empathy as I could have for the Children. Real AI, that knows it’s alive and can think for itself? That hasn’t freaked me out for a while, I accept the inevitability of robot overlords eventually! And I’m quite cruisy with the idea from Questionable Content, and I care about the robots there. These Children were creepy, but also cool at the same time. But! How can they really be alive if they die when the servers turn off?

Jeeze, these writers know how to write a good cliffhanger. It’s a good thing I could find OtherLife online, otherwise I would have been really grumpy. It’s a second book, and it shows. The twists and turns seem to be thrown in just for the hell of it, and we don’t see any character development.

Somehow Simon is just as assholish as the first novel, plus we get Elvis who is just as bad. I just can’t believe this novel. Sure, dystopian future, but I’d like to see how it relates back to us now. I can’t relate to two rich kids who are hanging around with a couple of mill’ in cash, complete with mafia grandfather.

Alright, enough of a review from me. I’m going to go read OtherLife, and see if it draws the series to a successful end, or whether it leaves me just as tripped as this one.

Bloomsbury | 31st October 2018 | AU$19.99 | paperback

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