Review: Jason Segal & Kirsten Miller – OtherLife

Jason Segal & Kirsten Miller

Simon has made it out of the OtherWorld/OtherEarth, and is aiming up to defeat the Company who started it all. But he’s somehow on the run again, but this time on a tropical island. IT looks like he might have some powerful allies

What was with Simon’s grandfather? Reality vs non-reality was really quite confusing. And the ending was too neat to be true. In a true dystopian setting, this wouldn’t have happened. I didn’t want there to be a happily ever after. I had engaged with the characters to the extent that I actually empathised maybe a little bit too much with the ‘bad guys’? I never liked Simon that much, so I would have been happy to see him killed off.

I also think the ending was shortsighted, because everyone knows that a democracy very rarely keeps a community presence for long. After speeding through these novels in the course of three days, I ultimately felt that the series was lacking. I feel no need to go back and reread them, which is quite disappointing. I hate books that have ‘oh, but it was just a dream’ and this novel is just too close to that premise.

I’m giving this novel 3 stars. The ending was hopeless, and the cliff-hanger from OtherEarth mostly set me up for disappointment. There are other novels out there to appeal to young people who love dystopian novels.

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