Review: Cal Turner Jr – My Father’s Business (S)

My Father’s Business
The Small-Town Values That Built Dollar General into a Billion-Dollar Company
Cal Turner Jr

“Longtime Dollar General CEO Cal Turner, Jr. shares his extraordinary life as heir to the company founded by his father, Cal Turner, Sr., and his grandfather, a dirt farmer turned Depression-era entrepreneur. Cal’s narrative is at its heart a father-son story, from his childhood in Scottsville, Kentucky, where business and family were one, to the triumph of reaching the Fortune 300 — at the cost of risking that very father/son relationship. Cal shares how the small-town values with which he was raised helped him guide Dollar General from family enterprise to national powerhouse.”

The readers are treated to a comprehensive exploration of the company’s history. The narrative seamlessly weaves together the personal stories of Cal Turner Senior and Cal Turner Jr, offering a delightful blend of humor and insightful anecdotes from the company’s journey.

The book sheds light on the founding fathers of Dollar General, individuals rooted in small-town values, emphasizing hard work, honesty, and community spirit. The fundamental principles of the company—providing everyday items at the lowest prices and cherishing the core customer base—are consistently underscored.

For those who appreciate authentic tales of real people navigating the business world, presented in a straightforward manner, this book is a captivating read. While the narrative occasionally lapses into repetition and unnecessary details, the overall experience is engaging and informative.

The genuine charm lies in the depiction of the Turners’ lives and the humorous accounts of pivotal events. The book offers a compelling glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of maintaining retail stores, making it a worthwhile read for anyone intrigued by the intricacies of business operations.

I particularly enjoyed the insights into Cal Jr. and his family, and the book’s focus on the economic aspects of running a business. I recommend “My Father’s Business” to aspiring entrepreneurs, and those fascinated by the inner workings of retail establishments. Despite minor flaws, the book successfully captures the essence of Dollar General’s success and the values that propelled it to become a billion-dollar company. The book is well written and a good read, 4 stars.

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