Review: Book Grocer Leadership Boxed Set (S)

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Type: Hardback
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The 7 Secrets of Exceptional Leadership
Brian Tracy

“In The 7 Secrets of Exceptional Leadership, Brian tells us that the wonderful thing about leadership is that your ability to grow as a leader never ends. You can learn anything you need to learn to become an excellent leader in your field.”

Short and sweet little book on leadership. I don’t think it’s anything new, but great self help, motivation and encouragement. Short little reminders on the important things that you can refer to again in future without re-reading a long book. The pictures of sailing boats don’t do anything for me. But overall a good little succinct book to inspire a leader. 3 stars.

Leading with Passion: 10 Essentials for Inspiring Others
John J. Murphy

“John J. Murphy, author of the best-selling book on teamwork, Pulling Together, follows up this best-seller with a leadership audiobook like no other. Learn the 10 essentials to inspiring others and you will find that not only are you performing better has a leader, but your team is sharing your vision and following your lead to ultimate success.”

The cover, boasting fiery imagery, promises a visually captivating experience to empower you as a leader. However, the book doesn’t fully deliver on this front. I value the brevity of the book and its straightforward approach. It serves as a handy reference for quick reminders. The inclusion of images depicting candles, matches, and fire to “ignite your passion” is noteworthy, but the choice of wording could be improved. Overall, upon completing the reading, it doesn’t leave you with a profound sense of motivation and inspiration. I would rate it 2 stars.

Your Most Valuable Asset: 7 Steps to Growing Rich
Brian Tracy

“From this day forward, decide that you are going to earn the amount of money you are truly capable of earning. Take complete control of your career and your income so you can survive and thrive in any economy. The greatest successes of your life are still to come. This book will show you how to get them.”

A short and motivational book that emphasizes personal responsibility and the importance of continuously upgrading your skills. Your most valuable financial asset is your ability to earn money. This can be defined as your ability to get results that people will pay you for. If you are not becoming more valuable by upgrading your skills everyday, you are automatically falling behind, as the market keeps moving ahead. Today, the rate of change is faster than ever before. Having knowledge, skills and expertise, positions yourself as valuable. Specialise in a job, and be the best you, you can be. The market only pays for excellence. Your greatest successes in your life are still to come. Good short book for motivation and reminding yourself to take personal responsibility. 4 stars.

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